RM 3.500 Backhoe

RM 3500 Backhoe is a more robust backhoe, its digging capacity reaches 3.30 m deep and its side displacement reaches 1.1m. It is actuated by cylinders for ease traveling, its slewing capacity reaches up to 180°. It must be installed in 3/4 truck.

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Maximum digging depth 3,30 m
Maximum utilization height 4,10 m
Maximum dump height 3,90 m
Distance from slewing center to the bucket teeth end 5 m
Standard bucket capacity 91 litros
Digging power 2.500 Kgf
Possible digging volume for a maximum reach of 180° 45 m³
Digging work output 20 m³/h
Bucket slewing angle 135°
Slewing angle 180°
Equipment weight 1.460 Kg
Outriggers 2
No. of hydraulic cylinders 8
Hydraulic reservoir capacity 120 litros


Load and operation diagram


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