RM 3.500 PLUS Backhoe

The RM 3500 Plus Backhoe is a versatile backhoe, because its slewing capacity reaches 420° and it allows the use of several materials and tools to perform the task. Its loom can lift up to 500 kg. With a digging depth of 2.80 m, the vehicle for this equipment is a 3/4 truck.

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Maximum digging depth (according to the vehicle) 2,60 m
Maximum utilization height 4,10 m
Maximum dump height 3,70 m
Maximum slewing angle 420 °
Maximum load capacity or maximum lifting reach 500 Kgf
Distance from slewing center to the bucket teeth end 4,80 m
Standard bucket capacity 93 litros
Standard bucket width 450 mm
Mechanical stress at maximum distention point 1.090 Kgf
Digging power 2.500 Kgf
Possible digging volume at maximum reach of 200° 45 m³
Possible digging area at maximum reach of 200° 36 m³
Digging work output 20 m³/h

Weights (it may vary according to vehicle special equipments and characteristics)

Equipment weight 950 Kgf
Chassis weight chassis (it may be integrated into the body) 310 Kgf
Hydraulic fluid and installation accessories 200 Kgf


Load and operation diagram